There are so many gaming accessories available these days, it can be hard to know what is worth buying. I’ve put up a list of the best gaming accessories for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo gamers to create the best gaming setup. This includes gaming chairs, keyboards, mice, monitors, headphones and racing wheels among others.

1) Headset Stand & Power Strip

The Gamenote RGB Lighting headset stand is made with a durable aluminum alloy, making it strong and perfect for headphones.

This accessory also offers a 3-in-1 design, which includes a headset stand, a cable organizer, and a power strip. The power strip on the Gamenote headset stand can hold up to three USB ports devices and 2 AC adapters.

2) Headset

The Razer Kraken gaming headset is one of the best PC gaming accessories. It offers high quality sound insulation on both low and high frequency ranges including other compensation, which improves gaming immersion.

That is not the only thing, the ear cups on this headset are retractable, which can be easily taken off for storage or convenience while not in use. Also with the Razer Kraken headset it has an adjustable microphone that can be removed on demand, as well as a built-in volume control to make it more convenient.

3) Gaming Chair

The AutoFull chair has a gaming mode and a work mode, which makes gaming and working super comfortable. It’s height adjustable, made out of PU leather and has a steel frame, making it durable and reliable.

The gaming chair is also equipped with adjustable arm rests, which can be easily adjusted to fit your height. All of those features matter a lot for long gaming sessions.

4) Gaming Desk

The L Shaped gaming desk is one of the best PC gaming accessories you can invest in because it serves both as a home office use and for gaming. It offers any gamer the perfect space for engaging in their favorite PC games.

The desk is also designed with a hidden keyboard and mouse tray to declutter your work area, as well as an elevated platform for speakers or other device. Additionally, the gaming desk has cable management to hide all your cords and wires.

5) Cable Clip Holder

This is perfect for gamers who want their cables to remain organized during their gaming sessions.

The cable clip holder features a strong construction that’s lightweight and durable enough to withstand frequent use. It features a strong Velcro that can stick anywhere on your desk or gaming table. Cheap item but a handy one.

6) Coup Holder

The ENHANCE Clip On Desk Cup Holder is a great to keep your gaming setup area organized.

It easily attaches to desks, chairs and tables, and has a built-in cup holder and tray for accessories. This makes it easy to keep your area neat and tidy.

7) Backlight Kit

Backlight kits add extra light and perfect for PC gamers who want to customize their gaming environment.

This can be helpful in low light situations, as well as in situations where there is a lot of glare. They come with a controller that allows the gamer to change the colors and brightness of the backlights which is one of my favorite things in it.

8) Soundbar

The Bluedee Dynamic RGB lighting Sound Bar offers great sound quality.

It’s designed to improve games immersion and features built-in LED lights that pulsate to the beat of the music while playing the game. The bluedee Dynamic RGB Sound Bar is also compatible with all consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. The Bledee sound bar is one of the finest sounds bars available at such a low price.

9) Gaming Monitor

The SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 Series is a monitor that’s designed for games.

It offers specific features such as game mode which bypasses superfluous images and offers game-specific settings. The screen also reduces eye strain and the glare that might come from other screens like TVs or smartphones VA panel. The monitor also offers a wide field of view which takes the experience to the next level.

10) HDMI Splitter

The iDsonix HDMI Switch offers a hassle-free experience to switch between two gaming consoles.

This switch can connect to consoles, PCs, and smartphones.

11) Racing Wheel

The HORI racing wheel is designed for PC and Xbox and perfect for people who enjoy Racing and open world games.

This Racing Wheel comes with a D-pad, paddle buttons and features a Thrustmaster dual-belt mechanism which ensures that gamers always feel like they’re in control. The racing wheel also has a large pedal set that provides realistic resistance and makes gaming more fun. It is also compatible with almost any desk or table you like want to mount it to.

12) External Hard Drive

The WD Black 2TB drive is currently the best gaming hard drive on the market.

It is the perfect storage solution for gaming addicts who want to make sure they’ll always have enough space for their games. The WD Black 2TB drive is designed to work with PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

13) Mouse Pad

The Blade Hawks mouse pad is one of the best PC gaming mouse pads for long sessions.

It’s made from a soft cloth fabric and features a large surface which has been optimized for game specific mice.

14) Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G502 is a PC mouse that offers a great using experience with it’s amazing features.

It’s designed to provide comfort for gaming and offers wireless charging so you don’t have to worry about charging it again.

15) Gaming Keyboard

The SteelSeries Apex 7 has ultra-responsiveness and durability that’s built to last.

The keys are designed to be anti-ghosting, meaning that they won’t stop working when you’re in the middle of using it. It also features a game mode for PC gamers who want their settings specific to play games.

16) Controller

The Elite Wireless game Controller comes with interchangeable components, or “shells” that allow gamers to customize the controller to their liking.

The Elite Wireless game Controller offers every gaming possibility, including gaming without the joysticks. The only down side is that this controller only works with PC and Xbox console. The controller is perfect for playing open world game because it gives the player more control.

17) Controller Charging Dock

The OIVO Playstation 4 PS4 Controller Charging Dock is a great gaming accessory for people who own a Playstation 4 console.

This charging dock allows gamers to charge two controllers at the same time and comes with a built-in LED light which indicates when the controllers are charging. It’s also small and compact, making it easy to take with you on the go.

18) Microphone

The HyperX QuadCast is a gaming microphone that is designed for professional streaming and recording.

It offers crystal clear audio and four different polar patterns which allow you to choose the right pattern for your needs. The HyperX QuadCast is also easy to set up and use, and comes with a built-in headphone jack that offers zero-latency monitoring all that for great price.

19) Gaming Router

The ASUS AC2900 WiFi router is a great gaming accessory for people who want the best game experience.

This router offers ultra-fast speeds of up to 2,900Mbps which is perfect for gaming and streaming devices. It also comes with a built-in accelerator that optimizes your traffic and ensures that you always have the best experience.

20) VR System

Oculus Rift S PC gaming headset is equipped with a high-resolution display.

It has a wide variety of features liketwo ultra wide sensors and it supports roomscale, tracking space of up to 4.3 x 4.3 meters. The motion controllers come with a 3-axis gyro and an accelerometer so you can have intuitive controls with the games you play in new ways.

21) USB Powered Desk Fan

The SmartDevil Small Personal USB powered Desk Fan is for people who want to make gaming more comfortable.

It provides users with a personal cooling solution and can be powered by a USB cable.

22) Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These magical glasses are designed to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light that is emitted from electronic devices.

23) Backup Power Supply

The CyberPower CP850PFCLCD is a great backup power supply for people who want to make sure their system never goes out of power.

This backup power supply comes 5 surge protector outlets and It also has a LCD display which shows the status of your gaming device.

24)Xbox Stand

This Xbox Series X stand not only keeps your Xbox cool it also has a charging dock for your controllers and a USB cable that allows you to charge your controller during gameplay.

25) PlayStation Stand

The NexiGo – PS5 Cooling Stand is designed to keep systems cool. The stand have a 10 game pack organizer and headset holder.

It also features four USB ports and three controller docks which allow you to fully charge your devices during gameplay.

26) Nintendo Switch Grip

The Satisfye – ZenGrip Pro is a grip that is made of silicone and it basically turns your Nintendo into a game controller.

The grip controller also helps to protect your device from scratches and it comes with a built-in stand. One of my favorates. 


I hope this gaming accessories roundup has been helpful and you’ve found a few items that will help make the games you play more enjoyable. We want to thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you! Please leave your feedback below, gamer tag or your favorite game, and let us know if we missed any.

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