Although laptop computers are so much more advanced than they used to be, you still need laptop accessories. Whether it is a mouse, bag, or webcam for video chatting with family and friends who live far away – there are many accessories that will make your new laptop experience better. We have reviewed the top 31+ must-have new laptop accessories for 2023 to help you decide which products might work best for you!

1) USB C Hub

The Kingston Nucleum USB C Docking Station is a 7-in-1 hub that provides a variety of different ports, making it perfect for connecting your laptop to various devices. The USB C Hub comes with three USB ports, SD / micro SD reader for memory cards, headphone jack. It also has a Thunderbolt 3 port and two usb c ports. This allows you to connect your laptop to devices like an external hard drive, monitor, or even another Mac or Windows laptops.

2) Wireless Mouse

The Microsoft Arc is a mouse that is designed for portability. It’s small and light, making it perfect for taking with you on the go. It also has a curved design, which makes it more comfortable to use. The Arc Mouse connects to your Mac or Windows laptop via Bluetooth, and it has a battery life of up to 12 months.

3) Backpack

This lap backpack is perfect for students, business professionals, or anyone who travels frequently and need a lot of space. It is made of high-quality water repellent fabric, which makes it perfect for any weather condition. It also comes with a variety of different features, like a USB charging port and an anti-theft design. This backpack has enough space to fit laptops up to 17 inches in size and still hold a 15 inch one.

4) External Monitor

The SideTrak Slide Portable External Monitor delivers a great picture quality and designed to be attached to your laptop. This monitor is perfect for people who want a second monitor, and it also comes with a variety of different features, like an IPS display, 1080p resolution, built-in battery that lasts for up to 3 hours, and it can be charged using a USB port.

5) HD Camera

The Logitech HD Pro C920 is a laptop’s camera that has high-definition capabilities and can record video in 1080p. It also has features like wide field of view, which enables you to capture more people in the shot, built in stereo microphone and external microphone jack that allows you to control the volume which makes it perfect for video calls.

6) External Storage

The SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD have 1TB of space for users who need to store a lot of data and want fast storage. This hard drive comes with USB 3.1 Type-C and Type-A connectors, making it fast and easy to share files with others. It also has a shock-resistant technology, which ensures that your data is safe even if you drop your laptop all for a fair price.

7) Adjustable Standing Desk

The Readydesk 2 is Adjustable Standing Desk that can be attached to any surface. This desk is compatible with computers up to 27 inches wide, and it features a dual laptop stand, which allows you to use two monitors at the same time. All of that and there’s still enough room for your office supplies.

8) Gaming Streaming Stick

Google Stadia Premiere Edition is a game changer device that will turn any laptop into a powerful gaming computer. Most laptops are not equipped with a gaming hardware but you don’t have to worry about that because now you can stream and play games from anywhere in the world without needing to download the files locally on your computer or TV.

9) Headphones

The Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones feature Noise Cancelling Technology that blocks out any outside noise, so you can focus on your music. They also come with Alexa Voice Control, which allows you to control your music with your voice and built-in microphone, which makes them perfect for making calls or recording video.

10) Portable charger

The Zendure Power Bank is a battery pack that features a 27,000mAh battery that has enough power to charge your laptop and up to three different devices simultaneously. It is small enough to fit in your pocket and has an LED indicator which indicates when the computer battery is charged. Personally, it’s one of my favorites. 

11) Ring Light

Ring light is the latest trend in laptop accessories and this one dims, which is especially good for people who work remotely and take a lot of video calls and neat for content crators.

12) Fabric Bag Case

The Inateck laptop/tablet bag sleeve is a fabric case that is designed to protect your laptop from scratches and other damages without adding extra bulk to it. It is made of high-quality materials with slim design, which makes it durable and handy for everyday use. It also comes with different sizes to fit laptops like MacBook Pro and Windows laptops.

13) Privacy Screen Protector

A privacy protector protects your screen from intruders and hackers. It can be attached to the laptop and it blocks light from coming into the laptop. It also makes it difficult for somebody who has tried to view what’s on your computer to see anything.

14) Screen Cleaner

The OXO Good Grips Sweep & Swipe laptop screen cleaner is a a great product to keep your laptop always clean. This cleaner has a microfiber pad allows you to clean the screen and wipe away dirt on your laptop.

15) Cooling Pad

TopMate laptop cooling pad is designed to be used to help your laptop cool down. The laptop cooler features three fans that are adjustable to any height and width which you require according to the size of your laptop. The cooler will not only save up laptop’s battery, but it will also protect laptop’s from overheating and the CPU from being burned out.

16) Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL CHARGE 5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is for people who like to listen to music or watch videos on their laptop. The speaker comes with a built-in 6000mAh battery that can be used to charge your laptop, phone, or tablet. It also has a Bluetooth range of up to 30 feet and can last up to 20 hours.

17) Monitor

If you’re a gamer or a designer you’re differently going to need a second laptop screen. This Samsung 32′ 4k monitor features AMD FREESNC with 1 billion colors at 60 Hz and it’s compatible with most computers.

18) Portable Projector

The Anker Nebula Capsule is a mini projector that is smart and wireless which you can take anywhere. It has a built-in battery so you can use it for up to four hours on a single charge. It also features built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as Dolby Digital sound, which allows you to share your laptop screen wirelessly with devices such as your laptop or TV.

19) Portable Printer

The HP OfficeJet 200 Portable Printer has a print speed of up to 18 pages per minute which makes it perfect for printing out documents on the go. It can also print in both black and white or color. Also, the best part about this printer is that the ink is affordable just like other HP printers.

20) HDMI Cable

An HDMI cable is a great laptop accessory to have because it allows you to connect your laptop to a second monitor or other devices that support HDMI input. The cable comes in different sizes and can be used to connect things like your laptop, TV, or gaming console.

21) Stand Desk

The SHW Memory Preset Electric Height Adjustable Standing laptop stand is designed to meet the needs of both laptop gaming enthusiasts and laptop users that that needs room for office supplies. The desk has a memory preset feature which allows you to preset the height at which you prefer so that it can be adjusted quickly and easily.

22) Lap Stand

The LORYERGO laptop stand / Lap Desk is a cushin that is perfect for those who like to work on their laptop while sitting on the couch or in bed. The lap desk is made of high-quality materials and it is lightweight and portable. It also has a built-in pad for mouse and a holder for your phone or tablet.

23) Flash Drive

SanDisk flash drive is convenient to move files from one computer to another and can be stored in your pocket or keychain easily.

24) USB Lamp

One of the usfull gadgets for new laptops that does not come with a lit keyboard. It also be used for reading or riting at night.

25) Webcam Cover Slide

If privacy is your priority then covering your camera should be your first step.

26) USB C to USB Type A Adapter

Sometimes your laptop only have a USB C ports so you need an adapter to convert it. This adapter will allow you to use the laptop’s USB port for connecting computer with a standard USB connector. The converter can be used to connect peripherals, memory sticks, mice, keyboards, and other types of devices that have a male type-A connector.

27) Document Clip

The Kensington Flex Clip Copyholder is perfect for those who need to keep their hands free while they’re working on their laptop. The copyholder can be attached to either the left or right side of your laptop screen and it has a 360-degree rotating design, which allows you to adjust it to any angle that you need. It also has a built-in clip that can hold up to 100 sheets of paper at once.

28) USB Fan

USB fans are a great way to keep yourself cool while working on your laptop. They are small and portable, so you can take them with you wherever you go. USB fans come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and there is sure to be one that is perfect for you.

29) Phone mount

Everyone likes their phone next to them but sometimes theres no place for it. This laptop phone holder will help you keep your phone accessible while also being able to use your laptop at the same time. The magnate will also work on any car phone mount.

30) Lap Stickers

Stickers are a fun and easy way to personalize your lap. There are a variety of different types of stickers to choose from, including vinyl, metallic, and holographic stickers. You can also find stickers that feature designs such as quotes, patterns, and animals.

31) External CD DVD Drive

This is a one of the must have accessories if you have any CD or DVD discs that are important to you and your computer doesn’t have one. This drive can read and write CD/DVD’s and works on any device that have a USB ports.

32) Dual HDMI Splitte Adapter

Almost all laptops comes with one HDMI port so If you need to use two monitors at the same time than you need an adapter like this one.

33) Mouse Pad

Mouse pads are great for lap owners because they keep the laptop’s sensitive sensor from getting dirty or grimy. Lap sensors need to be cleaned often, and owners who use this pad will experience less friction when using mouse. These pads also make it easier to use keyboards since they make more space for you to use your keyboard.

34) Wireless Keyboard

A wireless keyboard is a lap accessory that can provide owners with an easier and more efficient typing experience. Wireless keyboards make laptop typing more comfortable by providing users with a bigger work space. This wireless keyboards will also help lap owners avoid laptop viruses that can be transmitted by using touch pads to type. This keyboard works on any device with a USB ports.


There are a number of laptop accessories that can improve your laptop experience and productivity. We hope this roundup style blog post has given you some great ideas for lap accessories to purchase in the future! If we missed any must have accessories and gadgets, let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to add them into our list.

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